The P&L Club in Taipei, Taiwan

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I recently vacationed in Taipei, Taiwan from December 20-23, 2018 and stayed at the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza (fantastic hotel, BTW). Right across the from the hotel is a cigar lounge called the P&L Club. 

The P&L Club is a very classy lounge with a large humidor and a wide range of Cuban cigars. I saw several full boxes of Trinidad La Trovas, Bolivar 2018 Limited Editions, Cohiba Siglo I-VI, Cohiba Esplendidos, Cohiba Lanceros, and PCC regionals. Unfortunately, no Punch Sir Davids, HU Sir Winstons, Talisman, Monte 80th, Monte Leyendas, or Monte Maltes. Prices are also exorbitant, as I paid roughly $50 USD on a La Gloria Cubana, $50 USD on a Cohiba Lancero, $30 on a HDM du Depute from 2009. I also didn’t like the fact that the only way to drink alcohol is to purchase full bottles. 

The staff, however, is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and conversant in English. On my final night, I asked a staff member to show me aged cigars, and he pulled out El Rey Del Mundo Tainos and Montecristo A’s from 2001!  Those were about $80-$90 each. Alas, I didn’t buy the Monte A because I had no time to smoke them (wife and kids) and they were too big for my travel humidor.







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My regular stop when I’m in Taipei. They seem to have an endless supply of those Tainos - I’ve probably smoked half a box there or more over the years.

Fantastic cappuccino!

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drinks only by the bottle. A shame. Been to taipei several times but I usually bring my own smokes. Shall pay this place a visit!


1) Any other recommended places?

2) also, how are the box prices here for purchase? any rough price gauge? 



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