FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018 (HANOS 'BHK 56')

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Pretty okaaay looking stick. Nothing much to complaint. The cap is a little 'weak' looking. Entire stick is a little squishy, underfilling perhaps?

Prelight draw is grass, all grass. Dried grass. Very Cuban at this point. Hanos does claim these are 100% Cuban leaves!

First puffs, sweet grassy and floral! with hints of coffee and a nice milk chocolate finish...  WOW!! Subsequently, the coffee and milk chocolate notes slowly fades away. By the first inch, its all grassy and floral. Fresh, green grass....

Second 3rd: All grass grass grass and more grass. This feels like a Neymar favourite. Imaging playing football on a nice cool day, and then you get tackled so hard and fall face first onto grass..  grass grass grassy grass..... oh and a little floral note for variety! Burn is very wonky and touch ups are needed all the time.




Final 3rd. OOhhh boy..  it takes helluva willpower to get here! although, at 45mins in, this is quite a quick smoke! cigar is ridiculously squishy at this point, the underfilling is very very obvious. Bitter earth, burnt leaves, damp grass..  grass grass grass....... I'm gonna put this down right now....


Final Thoughts: 70 points. This was definitely a Cuban cigar, no doubts about that, although it feels as if they just used volado leaves for the wrapper, binder, filler....  This is at most, a Jose Piedra BHK 56! hahaha wait no, JLP are normally pretty nice to puff on random days!







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