6:2:1 Comp: Montecristo 520 - Milles Iles Coffee Stout

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I have really been enjoying stouts in the past few years, I think most of them pair really well with cigars. So for the 6:2:1 comp, I decided to go with a Montecristo 520 and a Milles Iles Espresso Kenya AA Stout, the two should go very well together. The beer Is an anniversary release (2nd year) from a small brewery in Quebec (Canada) that make some outstanding beers. Have thoroughly enjoyed all their beers so far.



Pre-light draw: Clean tobacco and raisins, draw is a bit tight.

Nice dryness, good flavours but a bit muted, smoke output is a bit low. Clean tobacco, coffee, wood, dry with a hint of zest and a slight cocoa note. The beer is very rich, creamy espresso, really dark chocolate with with no sweetness or bitterness, a bit of fruitiness coming through, 




End of 1st third: 
Draw is on the firm side, and smoke output is low which is taking a bit away from the enjoyment and muting the richness of the flavour that this box has exhibited. Clean tobacco is gone, , coffee and cocoa notes, sweetness starting to ramp up, roasted nuts, still dry but nice. Body is under medium. Good but not great so far, the stout is the star here, no doubt about it. The cigar does however pair well with the stout.

The stout is really good, $7.50 Canadian for a 500 ml, expensive but a good buy. The store I go to only got 24 bottles this year. Coffee, chocolate, hazelnut and a velvety texture. This is truly an amazing beer, a step up from their oatmeal stout, which was my favourite stout, well up until now, this is two notches above. I really liked the creaminess and sweetness that the oats bring, very complex.

End of 2nd third:
Cigar is quite enjoyable but the others from this box have been outstanding, not really up to par. The cigar is opening up a bit, flavours are a bit more concentrated, coffee, cocoa and nuts. Baking spice start showing up and a long coco finish, think 88% dark chocolate with very low bitterness and sweetness. Smoke output remains quite low. 
The beer is the best coffee stout I have had so far. As I am sipping slowly, the beer is warming up and getting more complex notes. 

Last third:
Coco has faded a bit, dark coffee notes, nuts with the skin on, some sweetness lingering in the back. Body is at medium full now. 
The beer has warmed up considerably still have a bit left. Showing darker notes of coffee bean and creamy espresso. I can really see having this with breakfast.

Final Thoughts:
All in all a good pairing, the cigar was good but not great, I would put it at 89, while others from this box were all 94-96's. It elevated the stout but could have done so much more. The Milles Iles is now my favourite coffee stout, but is only made once a year and the store is out of stock. I think I should have bought all they had!


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I have to add the I'm not the biggest beer fan, I'll have one on a hot day if it's a really good beer. 

I mostly drink wine and spirits, but the various stouts I have had over the past year have taken me on an interesting journey. 


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