FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018 HdM Epicure No. 2 Unknown Box Code

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Finally got some free time after a busy holiday season so I decided to settle down with a CC.

I believe I got this cigar from the FoH Christmas Sampler of 2016...I think. 

It's been sitting in my humidor for a while now and the first thing I noticed was how loose the bands were. The pre-light smell was cedar and barnyard. Used a V cut and the draw was perfect.20190106_142840.thumb.jpg.77de0c0ca8fadb61fb484421874700cc.jpg

First third was smooth. Burn was pretty even. Flavors of cedar, a mild nuttiness and slight pepper were prevelant. It began to get more complex towards the end of the first third as well. 20190106_142903.thumb.jpg.f6f4525fbfe1b624040180cad7a6dcf7.jpg

Second third became very complex. I definitely cant put a finger on all the flavors. The cedar was gone, very light pepper on the finish and an almost "herbal" flavor as the main attraction. There were other flavors as well but I cant really put a name on them. Maybe citrus, maybe slight leather? Not sure. But I do know that the smoke was incredibly thick and creamy. 


Heading into the final third, the burn got a bit wonky but it wasn't unmanageable. Flavors remained complex. Still a little nutty, pepper and herbal flavor. Smooth and mild. Towards the end, it got a little hot so I put it out a bit earlier than I would have liked.

Overall this was a great cigar. But I do think it was a little complex for me at this moment. I am still smoking most of my NCs while letting my CCs get some age on them so this was a very different experience than usual. I highly recommend this cigar to everyone. Great smoke!

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