FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp Ramón Allones Small Club Corona GEO NOV 13

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My first RASCC.  I got a 5er of these in a trade because I had heard how great they were and was super curious.  

Two words:


It’s a tough cigar to put into “thirds” because it’s not that large but it does have two distinct halves.  DF961DB4-1008-45A1-9C0B-C1C34EE8038B.thumb.jpeg.4cf32c57a53e8d0a3577e2f0102a397a.jpeg

I’ll admit I seem to have a soft spot for a lot of cigars rolled in late 2013 to 2014.  Somehow they seem to be very focused and tobacco is aging very well.  Maybe it’s just me.  On first light, I was blown away by how refined it was.  Grass, hay and funk.  Really special.  Subtle flavors but distinct and complex.  


Around the halfway point, cigar flipped.  (Both in flavor and apparently my photo).  While I had been loving the first half, I did have a gnawing feeling that, while great, it didn’t really have that “5 year Allones” flavor.  At the mid point, it was like a new leaf caught fire and blended in the classic deep Allones fruit flavor.  

This is a great cigar.  Looking forward to the next 4.  They likely have legs but the flavors seem so focused, I’ll likely try to finish these in the next 2-3 years

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