RASS 2018 12DCRC

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This rass looked perfect. Most likely a psp example. Draw was perfect, construction seems good.


Rob nails the flavor profile with the raisen toast description. It's starts pretty mellow, then just builds and builds with the intensity of those flavors.


By the end it's almost like eating a piece of raisen covered, slightly burnt, toast. The final 3rd proved to be slightly underfilled. Went harsh and tunneled fast through the last inch. Still a great smoke, reminds me why it's a staple in my humidor. Should have grabbed a box with New year's coupon, guess I'll have to wait for 2424 to start back up.


Paired with Elijah Craig barrel proof and unicorn tears IPA. Such an outstanding beer, a local limited edition/seasonal offering that I always stock up like crazy on. 414e97db2143cf8ad7bac7dd5e469fec.jpgc491a2e599eb9b936fc3f7548c62b2cf.jpg


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