6:2:1 Review PL Montecarlo & Stone&Wood X Stout

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IMG_5515.thumb.JPG.c42aefa18f2bbc6cfb20d8e75ead68be.JPGPicked up a box of these PL Montecarlos from our host a few months back.

Paired it up with a 10 Year Anniversary barrel aged stout from one of my favored breweries Stone&Wood.


I found myself liking this cigar from the get go. The thin profile and the mild smoke paired perfectly with the heavy stout. They weren't trying to fight against each other in my opinion. This beer packs a punch at 10% and has strong coffee and dark chocolate profile. The cigar offered a nutty creamy profile which melded right on in.

Flavour stayed consistent on this stick until toward the end the spicey tabacco taste came into it. Smoke felt great in the mouth and fell out with pleasing ease and had a light floral feel in there.

Truely enjoyed this pairing. Glad I have a lot more in the box to try of these Montecarlos as well as a few extra bottles of this beer to try with some other sticks.

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29 minutes ago, KavalanWhisky said:

Great review as always! Interesting pairing! No frosty this time? 


Thanks mate. Frosty is reserved for the 12 days of Xmas smoke only. ?

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