FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018 Upmann Connie 1

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From a BRE OCT 17 HQ box. Short version: leave these alone.

This was a borderline unpleasant experience. Stored six weeks at 65:65 and smoked outdoors in cool still conditions, this didn’t want to burn. In fact after being lit properly and evenly, with a torch, it went out pretty much immediately. When relit, the ash sort of recombusted and shriveled up, leaving a crater at the foot. See horrible picture below.

So I had to keep on puffing and purging this thing, trying to keep it alight but not too hot.  Failing at both. There were some of the classic Upmann flavours: strong dark roasted coffee, plain roasted nuts, burnt sweet biscuits. But what I really got was a huge nicotine overdose, which left me feeling queasy after 40 minutes of frustration. 

I don’t think there’s anything  fundamentally wrong with the cigar. It’s just too young, too strong, and full of weird compounds that will probably become quite delicious in a few years’ time. Won’t touch this box again for a year. And won’t need another smoke for a few days!46618EC0-10AD-40D3-86A0-DE2BA616CBF5.thumb.jpeg.e8655a4ead18563971d07f9dbbebb435.jpeg



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