FOH Xmas & New Year Review Comp 2018 Montecristo No 4 PSP UEB ABR 18

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Rain, still all the rain.  But better than snow I suppose.  Dipping into a box of PSP Monte 4's I got from our hosts.  They've been sleeping for a couple of months now, and I think settled in from the trip.  Trying to stay out of the PSP boxes and let them age, but figured I'd try one for a baseline now.  Pretty much my ideal size, harder to take the time to smoke much bigger, and the ring gauge is about ideal for me.

Cream and cocoa bombs.  About what you'd expect.

Paired with some coffee, black.  Good construction, felt packed.  Not in a bad way, but solid.  Smells of cedar and a little cocoa maybe.  V cut, which I've been enjoying.  Good draw, obviously very damp out since it was raining.  Had to relight once, but mostly from me letting it sit.  Nice even smoke, happy to have a couple of boxes of these sleeping to enjoy in the coming years.





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Interesting review, thanks. I impatiently smoked an ASU ABR 18 one of these, also PSP grade, right off the truck a few months ago. It was kind of disgusting, but I reckon they will eventually be brilliant. Looks great, smells great, and pretty much dripping with oil. Same old lesson, maybe a little closer to being learned...

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