OK, So How Many Cubans?

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The U.S. Handmade Cigar market continues to grow at a Very healthy pace. Imports are on track to hit about 360 million cigars this year. Not including Cubans. This is in the face of loosening restrictions on Cuban cigars and growing tourism/$ spent there. 

My question is, if we import 300 + million Non Cuban cigars this year, how many Cubans are we importing?

My guess would be at least 50 million maybe up to 75 or 80 million, all in. Including internet/mail, visits to the island, and cigars brought back from other countries. What do you guys think?


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I think a handful of members here could hit that mark on their own lol. Its gotta be over 100, probably way more than that. Good question, curious to see others opinions.

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