Partagas Serie No.1 EL 2017 12DCRC

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Partagas Serie No 1 Edicion Limitada 2017




Prelight draws bring about dry cacao, malts, grass. .

This is sorta an ugly stick but well made nonetheless!  No soft spots no construction issues. Wrapper is typical thick dark LE wrapper (which can be quite burn resistant sometimes) .

First puffs all cacao with a tinge of floral notes, dried fruits and jusssstt a hint of honey. What joy! .

The iced mocha I’m having makes this all the more wonderful. Washing my palate with swigs of iced mocha then a puff brings about some incredible array and transition of flavours! Coffee > toffee > dried fruits > sweet hay > and finally a whole lot of dark cacao on the finish that lingers. This is..... this is cornucopia! .


Second third brings more citrus notes into the mix. Lemon peel. Orange peel. And a little bit of that Cuban grassy twang. Some floral notes and cacao notes. The combination with the mocha then evolves into something more of an earthy deep tobacco flavour that evolves into dates and a little bit of chocolate. .



Footsmoke is... sweeeeetttt. This needs to go on forever. Burn line is wavy and needs a few touch ups every now and then. Not a deal breaker however and nowhere near as bad as the box of Club Allones LE I’ve had previously. .

Final third is where things get a little stiffer. A little stronger. Aged tobacco. Earth. Leather. Walnuts and cacao. Ice mocha has been diluted by now so not much of a pairing but it was amazing while it lasted haha! .

Final thoughts: Splendid cigar despite having thick dark wrappers! Cacao bomb!  91-94 points. Let’s see how these age on in a few years! What an amazing year to start Christmas and end the year!


PS: Ignore that c*m face



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