Ramon Allones Specially Selected(RASS) 12DCRC

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Decided to crack into a RASS for Christmas night.


Wrapper smells of brown sugar,  cedar, and a hint of spice. On the foot, the spice is more prominent.

The cigar starts off with a strong dark coffee with a slightly sweet cedar finish. As I progressed to the halfway point, a cinnamon spice started to kick in and mixed very well with the sweetness on the back of my palate. Retrohale still has the brown sugar sweetness with a slight black pepper. Medium body.

At the halfway point, the spice begins to ramp up a bit. The sweetness is still there with the cinnamon spice along with what I think is clove. Black pepper is no longer in just the retrohale as I can taste it during the finish.

With a little over an inch left, I can taste the youth in the cigar and decided to end it at that point. Plus it was insanely windy outside, and cold.


For it being so young, I'd say the smoke was pretty enjoyable. There were many flavors and would categorize the strength medium at most. Smoke time was about 1 hour 15 minutes.


Side Note

Had a package(Party 898) marked as delivered on 12/24/18, but was never physically received. My thoughts are the USPS workers scanned it as "delivered", but didn't because it was the day before Christmas. Fingers crossed I receive on the 26th. USPS always drives me nuts. Screwing up on the important/highly anticipated packages. Anyone else have issues around this time of year with them? 



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