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  1. Even if they do, the writers will most likely make the deaths so they "look cool". The show has really lost its spirit of being vicious and unforgiving to characters who mess up.
  2. I thought this last episode(Battle of Winterfell) was more disappointing than anything else. There were so many problems with the storytelling, the lighting issue is the least of its problems. 1. The Dothraki cavalry charge was one of the dumbest moves I've ever seen. It's pitch dark. You can't see the opposing army, but you know it's easily in the 100,000+, and the undead don't give a damn about intimidation tactics. Why play offensive, when this battle should most definitely be defensive? 2. So many of the main cast should have died, namely Brienne, Jaime, Sam, and Tormund. They were dog-piled multiple times during the episode, but the next shot to them, they're fine. I don't understand... 3. Jorah's death was emotional for sure, but a question I have is how did he get out there to Dany? I thought there were still thousands of undead outside the walls. How'd he get past all of them? Teleportation? 4. The NK's death was so badly executed. Nearly 10 years of buildup and we get this? Seriously? I do not buy that Arya somehow got past hundreds of wights and generals unseen. It was demonstrated literally 15 minutes prior that the grunts(wights) can hear drops of blood in the midst of all the fighting happening outside. Given this demonstration of super-abilities and Arya struggling to get away from a handful of wights, how in the hell did she get close enough to jump the NK? Arguing that Arya trained to be an assassination is ignoring the spirit this show had in seasons prior. Oberyn Martell had been training for many years to kill the Mountain. He got his head pancaked. 5. Cersei is a terrible final villain. She's not all that compelling, clever, or has wit. She's just a twisted psycho asshole. Not an interesting villain in the slightest in my opinion. After initial viewing, I gave this episode a 7/10. But after sitting on it for a day or two and really thinking about it, I'd give it a 4/10 now.
  3. The first one. I'm Korean, I think it's both hilarious and ridiculous, because no sane Asian uses chopsticks like those. The second one. I'm pretty sure "the more they have to control negative emotions at work, the less they are able to control their alcohol intake after work." just means this person(s) probably has a drinking problem regardless of work stress.
  4. Smoking what I think is an excellent stick offered by HdM, but I don't see many people talk about it. Prelight: Has a nice oil sheen to it and a firm pack. Wrapper has a distinct natural sweetness smell First Third: The first couple puffs is mainly cedar and mild spice. As I progressed through the first third, the cedar began to tone down, allowing the sweetness to come through. Second Third: The cedar has pretty much dropped off completely. Main flavors are mild spice, sweetness, and cream on the finish. Delicious. Final Third: The flavors from the second third intensified, but the smoke was as smooth as butter. You can retrohale this all the way to the nub with no harshness. Final Thoughts: I love the development of the intensity of flavors, and the corona gorda format is a huge plus for me. If i had to be honest, I like the Epicure No. 1 over the No. 2, and I think it's a little sad this stick is overlooked a lot of times. I'd have no problem recommending the Epicure No.1 to anyone. Score: 92
  5. Decided to crack into a RASS for Christmas night. Wrapper smells of brown sugar, cedar, and a hint of spice. On the foot, the spice is more prominent. The cigar starts off with a strong dark coffee with a slightly sweet cedar finish. As I progressed to the halfway point, a cinnamon spice started to kick in and mixed very well with the sweetness on the back of my palate. Retrohale still has the brown sugar sweetness with a slight black pepper. Medium body. At the halfway point, the spice begins to ramp up a bit. The sweetness is still there with the cinnamon spice along with what I think is clove. Black pepper is no longer in just the retrohale as I can taste it during the finish. With a little over an inch left, I can taste the youth in the cigar and decided to end it at that point. Plus it was insanely windy outside, and cold. Conclusion For it being so young, I'd say the smoke was pretty enjoyable. There were many flavors and would categorize the strength medium at most. Smoke time was about 1 hour 15 minutes. Side Note Had a package(Party 898) marked as delivered on 12/24/18, but was never physically received. My thoughts are the USPS workers scanned it as "delivered", but didn't because it was the day before Christmas. Fingers crossed I receive on the 26th. USPS always drives me nuts. Screwing up on the important/highly anticipated packages. Anyone else have issues around this time of year with them? CHEERS & MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY
  6. Do your homework and if they willing to listen, inform them of better alternatives. Other than that, let capitalism do its thing.
  7. Crowned Heads La Imperiosa My Father Flor de Las Antillas My Father Eminentes Padron 64 Fuente Anejo 888 (or any of them)
  8. Hilarious how all 3 hate they had to be honest about which they liked best. Everyone gonna start dunking now. Water? Scotch? Milk?
  9. I'd rather have no band than have that crap excuse for bands on my cigars
  10. I find them on on the stronger side compared to the cubans I've smoked. They feel funny in the hand and underfilled, but I have yet to have bad draw issues.
  11. Great price for Monte 2's for those who are needing to restock on them.
  12. Enclosed space made of metal so it can't "breathe" like wooden dress boxes can. Also much less airflow going into the tube.
  13. Personally, if something is larger than 50 gauge, I'd prefer a tapered cap. Of course, if the cigar is 60 gauge, but the flavors are exceptional, I wouldn't hate on it. Just would prefer a size skinnier and longer.
  14. They're stored in a tupperdore. I was on some antibiotics about 2 months ago. During that time I was on a trip and had a cigar and it was fine. I'm pretty confused as to what's going on.

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