lefty kreh RIP

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Very sad news for the fly fishing world. I was fortunate to have spent a couple of hours over the years working on my cast with Lefty and a couple of times at the vice, and was lucky enough to have fished with him once. Watching him cast a flyrod would literally give you goosebumps. Seemed to defy physics. Amazing, passionate guy. An amazing life. Tight lines Lefty, thank you!!!!! 

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That is sad news. 

I never had an opportunity to fish with a Lefty, but have many of his books and videos. I learned a great deal from him. 

May he enjoy great fishing on Heaven’s streams.

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I have watched hundreds of hours of Lefty.  A fly rod was a wand in his hands. He could make that line do anything. 

He and the tv series "a river somewhere" inspired me to take up fly. One of the greatest things that I have ever done. 

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Lefty had an influence on so many people in his life time. Never to busy to stop and spend time with anyone in need of some advise.

i had the pleasure of fishing with him many times since 1990. Always time well spent regardless if the fish cooperated that day. 

He will be missed RIP

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