2017 12 Days of Christmas Sampler

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I don't post much, mainly just purchase from 24/24 and creep, but the Christmas Sampler mandated this. I've only been smoking cubans for the last couple of years and they have been almost exclusively larger ring gauge, 48-56. Well this morning on my drive to Naples, I decided to try my first of the samplers, an H. Upmann PC.  WOW!!!! What a great cigar. I'm not much at describing what flavors I tasted, I just know it was one of the best cigars I've ever smoked and I realized it instantly. Thanks Rob for putting that beauty in the package, and expanding my horizons. 

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Nice!  I dipped into the sampler last night and pulled out the H. Up Sir Winston.  Also a great cigar...snuck up on me though, a bit more subtle than the Coho and Partis that are my staples.  2 hours later I was most sorry that it went out and I knew it was over.  Will definately try for some if they resurface.  I didn't realize what a rarity the Winstons are until I watched John's video review, which really puts the Upmanns in perspective for someone not that evperienced with them.  Great thing about that sampler, getting to try some new things.  I repeat the thanks to Rob and JohnS, very well done!

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I already worked through mine over the holidays, and it was a sheer joy to do so - thanks for reminding me!

While there were a few meh sticks in there for me, there were also some great ones. By far the most memorable - I can almost taste it now - was the Cohiba Lancero. I got lucky with a CoLa that was completely on its game, which caught me by surprise given its youth. A sublime experience.

Enjoy the rest of yours!

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