GONG XI FA CAI!!! Happy Year of the Dog!!

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Gong xi fa cai!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!!

As we give the Year of The Rooster the chop, we obediently sit (and drool) for what the new year awaits us! May you all have a wonderful, prosperous and happy new year!


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Happy Chinese New Year! 

I have some new neighbors who are Chinese or Chinese-American. Very friendly, but I don't know them well. They've brought us some foods and stuff over the past few months, and I was hoping to bring something over. Does anyone have any suggestions for what would be a good, kind of traditional gift for a neighbor for Chinese New Year?

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Alcohol if they drink. A fruit basket (oranges and apples symbolise fortune and safety, respectively) or a box of tea. And giving gifts in even numbers is good (8 and 6 are best, eg a basket of 8 oranges and apples), but not four!

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