Vegas Cubanas - 25 AGO 2017


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Vegas Cubanas Corona by My Father cigars (Don Pepin Garcia)

5.5" x 44

Box date: 25 AGO 2017


I used to love these.  While my palate shifted away from pretty much the rest of DPG's blends, this was a mainstay for me while he continued to put out release after release that pretty much tasted the same.  The VC was then effectively discontinued and I was disappointed.  They were still available sporadically from some of the cheaper online NC vendors, but that didn't inspire any confidence in me, having seen that go down before and watching good blends fall to shit.

I just found out these had been officially re-released, and had located and purchased a box for less than $100 within the hour.  They showed up 48 hours later and I was questioning whether these would still hold the magic they once did.  Naturally, while the rest stay in the freezer as part of my insurance policy against beetle infestations, I had to pull one out, drybox it overnight and put it to the flame.


Accompanying drink: Cubita coffee with milk

1st third: A quick hit of tannins and light ammonia suggesting some aging potential.  Suddenly it's a creamy cedar core, played on by fleeting floral and dried fruit notes.  Finish is short, but with a delicious candy caramel sweetness.  An excellent representation of Nicaraguan terroir, which I am typically not a fan of.

2nd third: Creamy cedar remains the centerpiece of the profile, but is not boring as it's offset by a delicious Nicaraguan twang.  An elegant and luxurious cocoa has joined the flavors to stay.  Finish is still caramel, but the sweetness is fading puff by puff.

The interesting part to this third was how well it complemented the Cubita coffee, drawing out delicious milk chocolate and floral marshmallow notes.

3rd third: Creamy cedar and cocoa vie for control of my palate while Nicaraguan spice and pepper show up.  Now it tastes more like a typical DPG stick, but is somehow not abrasive and is a very good cigar.  Finish is now Nicaraguan twang.

Construction: Pretty good.  Rolled entubar, but could use another leaf to bring me to my now-familiar tight draw that I get from Havanas.  The thick wrapper needed a few touch-ups, but nothing detrimental to my opinion of the stick.


Vegas Cubanas is back and better than I remembered my last one being several years ago.  I am excited to age the rest, though can see that they don't need much more time to be approachable.  I'm going to watch this box and see how the construction is across the sticks and, more importantly, whether the flavor profile can hold up over time.  Still, as someone who strongly prefers Cuban terroir above all others, this cigar gives me what I like while providing a change of pace when I need a short break from the perfection of my beloved HUPC, PLMC and other regular favorites.  Cheers!

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