Camacho liberty series 2007 pre embargo: weekend review competition

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So, I have had this sitting for a while. I didn't want to smoke it just because it is such a unique stick, that is likely hard to come by some 11 years later. It's supposedly filled with a piece of pre embargo cuban tobacco, but I am not sure I tasted it.


First 3rd started off with promise. It has an almost nougat flavor, sweet like a marshmallow. This lasts for a short time, then it was all downhill.


Second 3rd starts with a charred taste, with the marshmallow sweetness starting to fade away. It's the kind of charred taste you would expect if you accidentally over cooked a marshmallow over a campfire while making Smores. Not enjoyable, but not exactly unpleasant.


Final 3rd, the char flavor has built up even stronger and is the only flavor coming through. I smoked it for as long as I could before I laid it to rest. Such a disappointment, I wouldn't pay $5 for one of these.


I couldn't let the night end on such a bad note, and the taste in my mouth was horrendous. I decided to light up my first ever sancho panza non plus, a 2014 stick I received from someone in a trade. Wow, so good! I need to find a box of these!


Hopefully bad cigars can still get some likes, but I think the emoji review has first place in the bag! b6969dc15a02fabd05b523828f3808e0.jpgc324f2a26ce2ddf8c879c2b081b5de22.jpg95198442fa5387772f60febf141ebb04.jpgc8eb95ead60dc320ca943b192139a106.jpg7a0288511c50b1dcc84384704e84903c.jpgc059c220e7d713bab46a694ab7f8b18c.jpgf334ff57a493c33cfb2a15b19858d1a1.jpgfa197e170a29042cae6f4486e366a464.jpg394083dd5776739fb0b817b468d9dd95.jpg


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     *Thanks, Prodigy, for the painstaking detailed review of the very cigar you and I both had this weekend.  I suppose it's because I've sampled such a rendering of smokes that didn't fill the bill until this one wasn't so bad or unendurable. It had the roughness of a Honduran old time Camacho, but had been mellowed out, IMHO, with age and the roughness much more smooth now. It could have been due to the barber pole wrapper that some portions seemed lighter in taste then back to harsh - ? No doubt, I probably won't buy one again if this is the best TWELVE YEARS of aging can do - unless the multi-country make up of it is clearly given. If I have to choose something other than a Habano smoke, I find that tobacco from Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, and Cameroon are worth honorable mention. Philipine tobacco from the shadow of Mt. Pinatubo is airily light, with faint (very faint) Habano taste. Some observances of Splendid Seed Company's now discontinued Fighting Cock cigars have been described in flavor as a weak Bolivar. Tobacco that I've found I DON'T LIKE is from Costa Rica and Pennsylvanian broadleaf. There's nothing wrong with that tobacco - I just don't like them. As far as my last third of the Camacho Liberty - it remained comparatively smooth and non-bitter to me as it ended. And yes - I too lit up a second smoke for the night...a Partagas green and gold label Special Reserve lonsdale that I've had since 2009. 

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