Diplomaticos No. 2 TOS MAY 17 Weekend Review Competition

Guest Nekhyludov

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Guest Nekhyludov

Dimensions: 52 x 6 1/8"

Box Code: TOS MAY 17

This cigar was generously shared with me by @Head83 as the ante for the FOH USA Fantasy Football league (which, by the way, let me take another opportunity to endorse unreservedly; great guys, a lot of fun all season). I had every good intention of letting this rest properly, but after consistently hearing such positive things about recent production TOS Dip2s, my curiosity got the better of me. My only previous Dip2s have been EML 14; I love those - the subtle spice and savory paprika notes. Let's see how this compares. 

Appearance: The wrapper is a shade lighter than its EML counterparts, but also finer and smoother, with no prominent veins. It's a very tidy looking cigar. It's firm to the touch, with no noticeable soft spots or knots. 

Pre-light: the aroma at cold is pleasant, but nondescript. There's a hint of popcorn, similar to a fresh Monsdale, but no pungent barnyard. It lights readily, producing an open draw and a flaky gray ash. 

First Third: The first inch or so reveals its youth and recent travels. The flavor is simply quiality tobacco and a bit of mongrel/char. The burn begins to waver and struggle in the 40-degree weather and 15 MPH wind, but corrects itself without needing a touch-up. Nicely constructed. 


Second Third: The mongrel recedes and the flavors become more distinct, and more like what I love about the Dip2. Sweet spice. A bit of leather. Unfortunately, the wind makes it impossible to pick up the aroma, but when I do catch it, it has a distinct roasted nut note. 

At the mid-point, I have to put it down to go inside for a few minutes to regain feeling in my fingers. I've come to the realization that smoking outdoors in January on the High Plains is ... what's the technical term for it? Oh yeah, "f*cking stupid." The Dip2 is holding up better than I am. 


Final Third: The spice is gone, replaced by a sweet, generic wood flavor. This is the taste that I pick up when I start smoking too fast or purging too often. Guilty on perhaps both counts tonight. Maybe a bit of dry cedar and earthiness on the retrohale. At this point, I'm using the cigar as a heat source for my fingers. Did I mention that I'm an idiot?


Summary: Screw this. I'm going inside. 

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Your colorful comments bring back memories of last winter while on a ski trip in Bend, Oregon (I really went for the beer, but don’t tell my buddy that). Every attempt to enjoy a cigar outside brought on the same thoughts. I feel for ya.

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