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Hey everyone! So going camping for this weekend,noob to cigars so wanted some advice...going for 3 nights 4 days, weather will b 75-80 during day dropping to 50-55 (f) at night...i bought a small 9 quart cooler plus I have the boveda humidor bags I will put my cigars in before they go into cooler...will this be enough? Should I worry about them going bad? If it rains will they become soggy logs? Sorry everyone worried about my sticks...4 days, that's a few cigars lol....all info appreciated!

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Like everyone else said in the other forum you posted in, you're fine. The cigars in ziploc bags will keep them from getting "soggy" from the rain or whatever, and the cooler will keep them from getting crushed and maybe help even out temp...

The only thing I'll add is to keep the cooler in the shade as much as you can and keep an eye on the cigars you DON'T smoke if you bring them home. If the temp gets high on your trip you MIGHT have to rule out beetles before putting them back into your every day rotation humidor. YMMV.

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No worries - Just keep them in a ziploc inside a some type of hard-case.

When I go on a 4-5 day camping trip, I rarely even bother with humidification as protection is my main concern.

I typically just bring an old little cigar box I have which latches and I'll second this:

5 hours ago, awk6898 said:

... keep the cooler in the shade ...


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Old thread but anyway reading this I remembered the last one when I was camping and how cool it was.  
Then I was with colleagues at work and it was very happy because everyone in this company is fun and makes a lot of jokes.  
Now we are preparing to go camping again and this time we took this compact led camping lanterns which last time we needed but we didn't have them and we were sorry that we forgot about something like that.  Since then I have said that we have to think carefully about every detail and take everything we need in advance.

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