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I know there are more than just a few Bruce Springsteen fans in the crowd so thought I would share this recorded a couple nights ago (not by me!).  I'm sure it was quite a memorable night for the young man he invited on stage.


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it was a great moment. i have it on my phone - where it is likely to remain. this has been posted elsewhere. and a mate at the hunter concert last night and sent me this (there had been discussion as to whether it was a plant - i believe not) -


Just saw Bruce in the Hunter. Perhaps because of the Brisbane experience, he sees a sign for No Retreat No Surrender. Calls it over. Guy with the sign asks if he can play with Bruce. Bruce says Can you play? Guy says yes. He is about 28, from New Jersey, and says his father just had heart surgery. So he plays and sings. The crowd loves it. But the thing is, he's a busker level player and singer, not a full pro. They just give him the wired up acoustic guitar they give one of the Courtney's in Dancing in the Dark, so no prepared equipment. 

Clearly not rehearsed, because although this guy is competent, he clearly doesn't know the songs plan, and he gets to sing a verse, but forgets the second half, so Bruce sort of helps him out. Very unlikely to be a plant, for mine. Father story is too cheesy to make up, and bloke is obviously unrehearsed. Remember that from Bruce's perspective, he trusts the sound guy to cut the feed from the guitar if guitar guy is embarrassing himself.

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The only reason this might have been a plant is since the same kid came up on stage when he was eleven or so.  Still felt that he did a decent job and maintained his composure better than I would have :)  Glad you had a good time!!

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