My new wineador

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I am lucky to have a wife that allows me to have some hobbies. Golf, brewing and cigars! For Xmas she got me a wineador that I desperately needed! I was taking trips to Camp W frequently and had to store boxes in Ziplocks with Boveda's. So I have loaded it up and really like it. Whynter 251 with 1lb Heartfelt 65 and some 65 Bovedas. It's working great and couldn't be happier.



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Nice set up and a fine selection of cigars.

Like everyone else said, it won't be long before you either take out the shelves or buy another fridge :) Or both !!


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Nice setup. Congrats. 

If it was mine (and I've done this already in mine), I'd ditch the fancy thick shelves and use closet wire shelving instead, they let air circulate easily and are very thin so they don't take up valuable space. Space your shelves just far enough apart to store your cabs or boxes, without stacking more than 2 boxes on top of one another so you can easily get to them without unloading the whole thing to get to the bottom box. 

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