Punch SSN1 2001 Discontinued Cigar Review Weekend

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2001 punch super selection number one

Pre-light: perfect draw.

Not too many flavors of note, possible

hey/grass similar to Cohiba

Drink pairing: Ardbeg

Dark Cove committee release, and Thomas

H Handy 2016 BTAC release Rye(I couldn’t

choose between the two)


First third: woody to open, very smooth. no harshness even through the

retro inhale. Very rich and mouth coating, umami like flavors, roasted mushrooms. Savory not a lot of

sweetness. Now enter some coffee notes. The dark cove really complements the woody, rich,

savory flavors in the cigar. The longer the smoke stays on the palate, a woody sweetness develops, I really enjoy this with aged Punch. A bit more power to the nose, some white pepper notes come to mind. Construction is razor sharp. Really enjoying this cigar at the

moment. The rye really works well here

too. I was worried the sweet and spicy notes from it would over power this

cigar but it does not. I’m glad I chose

two drink pairings, as both bring something a little different to the table in

terms of bring out notes in the cigar.


Second third: Some

nice toasted nut notes enter the fold. A

touch of citrus with the woody sweetness.

I still can’t decide which drink pairs better here. More and more floral through the nose. I am enjoying this immensely… That reminds

me, I think I see a Bolivar Inmensas in my future soon as well. Not a ton of evolution here. But the flavor profile has not a touch of

harshness. This specimen doesn’t have as

much sweetness as as ones in the cab I have tried recently. The construction is still amazing. Everyone knows of the poor construction from

this time period, but I have to say that not a single cigar I’ve tried from

this cabinet has had anything but perfect construction. I would not avoid a box from this time period

at all. As the ash falls for a second

time the woody and floral aspects really step up to the front and center on the



Final third: Not a

lot of change here. Just more

deliciousness. The woody sweetness is

just perfect, more floral and toasty nuttiness.

The power begins to build and build.

I still think these have plenty of time to age. Hopefully I can keep my hands off of them

until HSA decides to bring them back. Even

as I come to the end here there is absolutely no harshness. I think I have a couple SSN2 tucked away somewhere

that I will smoke to do a comparison. Some

of the sweetness is fading and developing more oak and leather notes. Floral still through the nose. Burning my fingers as it comes to an



95 one of the best cigars I have had this year. Will be tough to beat.

MRN stated that these are his favorite cigar and I think

that the praise is completely justified. I wasn’t even ten years old when these

cigars were discontinued. It sure is a

shame. 50 Cabinets are amazing for aging

as is evident in this cigar. More and

more concentration on limited ten count boxes, with less concentration on

smokers with long term aging in mind. One day maybe we will see the trend come back

50 cabinets of smaller ring gauge cigars. Until then I will go order a couple

cabinets of Punch X3 because we know they will be axed completly in a couple

years at this rate.

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