Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Prince TOR NOV 15: Discontinued Cigar Review Weekend

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I actually smoked this one before the HUPC I just posted but I am working through my notes backwards. I lit this puppy up on my way out of Pagosa Springs, CO heading west over the 10,857 ft (3,309m) Wolf Creek Pass. The trip west bound was smooth sailing, the way back was a whole different animal though.

Smooth, creamy, with a woody bite and a nice sugary finish on the lips. Great construction. These are awesome little smokes. Sad to see these go, fortunately they are my second favorite Hoyo PC.



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16 minutes ago, SticksAndSticks said:

I though these were the only Hoyo PC size. What else have I been missing out on? Love the Du Prince and would love to be able to still get my hands on short format HDM.

Coronations, They come in Tubes. I don't really get much of the typical Hoyo DNA with them at all though. The wrappers are usually very dark and a bit rough to look at. More like an RA/Hoyo Hybrid, but not completely. 

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