Regional Italia 2016 (2017) + 2 LCDH

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According with 2 sources:


La Flor de Cano Casanova

Size: Petit Robusto

Factory Vitola: Serie D No. 5

Ring Gauge: 50

Length (mm): 110mm



Price for Italian market:

Punch 48 - €122

Hoyo Elegantes - €110


Bonus: Montecristo Dantes €190


Now we can have a basis what price we will find in other countries.


(Mods, If I am not wrong release prices can be announced otherwise edit, please).



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1 hour ago, MahDooRow said:

The Punch 48 is of great interest to me.  48 x 140mm is a nice size and I love the Punch flavor profile (although I expect this limited release to offer something new and different).  


This is not a picture from

As a matter of fact it is from @miamipadronsmoker

I contacted Charutando admins and they ignored me until I contacted Miami and warned him.

After some buzz in Brazilian facebook groups they credited Miami. They do that in a regular basis.

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