"The Clevelander" Any Feedback? Wineador idea.

Lucifer Morningstar

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I'm looking at getting this wineador from Amazon. Also importing it to Australia. Just because it's a pain to source any Spanish Cedar, and I buy a lot of singles and don't really have any spare cigar boxes. Besides - I don't feel like using Tuppaware if I can avoid it.

The price is right at $230 - so I'd end up paying about $400-$500 imported with shipping.

I'm looking for feedback if anyone has one.

Alternatively my other choices would be:
NewAir CC-100 250 Count Cigar Cooler at $233
Or the Whynter CHC-251S at $250

I have over a pound of Heartfelt Beeds, so I'm good in that department. I might switch to the "Humidty Bead System" I found in the classifieds here.
I'll also put in Bovedas just because I might worry.


Living in Australia means pre-built humidors are impossible to get, and Spanish Cedar hard to source.

Any feedback on my choices are welcome. Alternative suggestions within the price range are great, as well.

I'm not a huge cigar smoker, so I don't need a huge wineador.


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I did get your email my friend, but I have to take them as they come.


Based on your requirements and from what I have construed as your budget, you are likely better with some of these lesser priced alternatives than my products.


For one, shipping to Australia has gotten outrageous.


You should also know that I only sell competed wine cooler humidors local to me. I don’t ship a wine cooler, it costs too much and makes no sense for me to do.


I sell kits.


The kits depend on the platform and my current Oz platform is about to get some redevelopment with a friend there. This means that the old design is out and the new design is 'pending' my design and manufacturing and his construction. As time marches on and my designs improve I don’t like to look back and reproduce yesterdays problems or compromises. I look to improve always, and reduce costs if I can. I am therefore redesigning what I perceive as shortcomings to his existing humidor. As he has become a trusted friend, and colleague in my 'Oz design,' the design is now dependent on this cooperative effort.


I can sell something completed in Oz based on my partners collaboration, but as one's budget becomes a barrier, the likelihood of coming to terms gets even less as additional labor gets put in the project.


You need to decide your needs and budget and I can give you numbers privately if you wish but if you are happy with these lesser expensive solutions (alternatives), there is no need to look further. Nothing that I have to offer appears to be what you are looking for.


Cheers mate, and thanks for considering my products. -R

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