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Hello, My name is John and I would like to introduce myself to the group. I currently live in NYC and after about 10 years of on again off again smoking NC's, I tried my first CC while traveling in Europe last summer. Down the rabbit hole I have gone! I'm basically interested in trying anything I can get my hands on, because I'm so new to the CC scene, I'm still trying to figure out what are good CC's and what are great CC's. As of now, I've tried the Coh Siglo VI and II, Monte 2 and PSD4 and I currently have HDM Ep1, RyJ Churchill, Coh Siglo IV,  RA Club Allones and Coh Secretos resting in my humidor. As I said, down the rabbit hole I have gone... I just discovered the 24:24 yesterday and will be checking in regularly! 

If anyone has any recommendations on must tries I would much appreciate it! It's hard to compare what I've tried because the Cohiba's i had in Europe had some age on them and were the tastiest cigars I've ever had. That being said I preferred the PSD4 over the Monte 2, but each cigar barely had year on them and I'm hoping the Monte's will develop in flavor with some age. 

I look forward to meeting the community!  

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Welcome aboard John. Sounds like you're well on your way with a heap of tasty – and diverse – sticks already!

I see a glaring omission of anything Upmann in your list, so I'd encourage you to grab some Upmann No.2s and maybe petit coronas if that vitola suits you. I really love the PLPCs (Por Larranaga Petit Coronas) off the truck although they only get better with aging. And maybe get around some Partagas Shorts for a flavour packed bomb in a short smoke.

Enjoy the journey...


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Thanks Baron, I took your advice and ordered some H Upmanns in last weeks 24:24. My next order will be a petit corona since I have acquired mostly large sticks, it's the middle of winter and the misses won't allow indoor smoking. I can't decide between the party short, the Boli JC or the PLPC. Maybe the first one on 24:24 will make that decision for me!

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