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  1. Got Covid in December 2020, I never lost sense of taste, but my sense of smell was completely gone. I'm talking putting vodka in one glass and water in the other and not being able to tell which was which. Did this several times until it started slowly coming back weeks later. I can smell spirits and other strong odors now, but thats about it, definitely not the same as it was pre-covid. Fun stuff...
  2. Happy Birthday John! I hope you get to enjoy a special drink and smoke for the occasion.
  3. They sure don’t, Sam is the man! Are you local? Shoot me a note, we should link up if so!
  4. OESF 10yr 8mo private barrel from Cypress Craft in Cypress, CA.
  5. Last cigar I set aside for my holiday dry box, it’s been a couple good weeks of superb cigars. On tilt over an intense fantasy football championship matchup. So I decide to fire up a CORO & the Red Zone channel and hope the fantasy football gods are in my favor. This cigar overall appears to be well constructed, with a couple large visible veins, nice sheen and silky smooth to the touch. Draw feels a touch loose, but should be okay. 1/3 - milk coffee and lemon zest are primary notes. Getting a little bit of milk chocolate as well, paired with the milk coffee note it’s giving a mocha note, which is not something I normally get with Cohiba, but it is excellent nonetheless. 2/3 - Lemon zest has faded to the back, but mocha note is running strong and oh so delicious. Draw is a touch loose but overall not impacting the burn or flavor. Smoke output is lush and silky, aroma is superb. 3/3 - chocolate note fades but milk coffee still present and the lemon zest/citrus note has returned. Started off medium strength and built to medium full. Sometimes when smoking a subpar Cohiba, I question if they are worth the price? When smoking one that is this good, I question if I can afford to smoke more Cohiba’s! Appearance 9/10 Draw 9/10 Burn 9/10 Aroma 10/10 Complexity 8/10 Taste 49/50 Total 94 PS - I needed 14 points from Devante Adam’s in the Sunday night game to lock in my fantasy football championship. Devante finished with 19.5 points to bring me home the title! Fantasy win, Cardinals win, superb cigar, made for a hell of a Sunday!
  6. New Year’s Day and reaching for one of my favorite cigars. Something about the Bolivar profile that speaks to me and a Churchill format is just more of a good thing. Wishing this cigar was still produced as I have to savor what’s left of my last box. Cigar has a dark maduro wrapper, a few large visible veins, but smooth to the touch with nice sheen. Draw feels a bit tight, but not too bad to cause concern. 1/3 - creamy stout and earth notes of leather and mushroom/umami, with pepper on the fringes. Starting off medium full strength, with 6+ years on the cigar, still has plenty of punch and a touch of mongrel to it. Draw is a little tight but not bad enough to risk taking the draw tool to it. Aroma is sublime. 2/3 - creamy stout and leather holds true, along with a toasted bread that is slightly burnt. There is also this sour twang note that is starting to build. Smoke is thick and lush, coating the entire pallet, lick smacking good. Draw has been massaged open, no issues there. Cigar has built to full strength & full flavor. Pairing - Four Roses Bourbon is one of my favorite whiskies to pair with cigars. Their high rye mash bills seem to never disappoint with a good cigar. This is a 10 year 8 month Single Barrel Barrel Strength from their OESF recipe, coming in at 58.7% ABV. There is a maple vanilla sweetness up front, mint on the mid-pallet and a long spicy finish. 3/3 - creamy stout and leather holds true throughout the cigar. Developing near the end of the cigar I notice a savory beefy note. Almost like a ribeye seasoned with salt and pepper, mouthwatering good. Would probably pair perfectly with a meaty scotch. Finishes long, just like the whiskey. Appearance 9/10 Draw 8/10 Burn 9/10 Aroma 10/10 Complexity 10/10 Taste 50/50 Total 96

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