Cohiba Robustos Supremos 2014: Cohiba Review Comp 2016


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This cigar is actually the only Cohiba I have on hand after grabbing a box of these on a whim when going through Dubai early last year.  Cohiba is a marka I don't have a huge amount of experience with as I've always found it difficult to justify the premiums they command over other lines.  I do enjoy them and would like to get my hands on more, but this has proven impossible with the shortages in recent times.  

Prelight Draw
Thanks to the ridiculous ring gauge on this thing, my cutter can only just clip the end.  The draw is tighter than I like, but manageable.  The aroma is very sweet with milk chocolate hints on the draw.

Opening Third
It starts with a strong milk chocolate opening before shortly settling down.  By the end of the first third, the chocolate has faded but still lingers faintly.  It is silky smooth.

2016-08-29 00.01.22.jpg

Second Third
There are still hints of chocolate all throughout the second third, but there is now a savoury aspect to each draw as well.  The smoke is still very smooth.

Final Third
As I enter the final third, the smoke is starting to get a little harsh, but there is still an overall sweetness to it.  The total smoking time was around 1.5 hours.

2016-08-29 00.00.55.jpg

This is the third stick I've had from this box and I think they still need more time down to settle.  It was very sweet and I can see it working well for desert in another year or two.

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