Any NHLers on here?

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I don't get into any team as much as I used to . The 92 Strike, 94-95 lockout put a bad taste in my mouth and 2004-2005 pretty much sealed disconnected me from the NHL. But when I was a Fan I liked the Red Wings and the Avalanche as a new expansion. Now I pretty much watch the local USHL teams (guys competing trying to get into the NHL)

I too am a USHL fan. No teams on the west coast though, so I have to view via internet. I do love seeing the Seattle T-birds play, but I'm not a huge fan of the WHL. My son played youth hockey for 10 years, and one of his linemates now plays for Dubuque, and I follow him regularly. He just got named to the NHL/USHL top prospects team. I love hockey. GO KINGS!!

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Islander fan here myself. Enjoyed the run of 4 in a row as a kid many years ago and our play up to this point this year as well. I can't say the same with most of the hockey in between though.

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Degenerate Rangers fan here still trying to get over last years run. While the Kings were the better team, to take three games to overtime (two double OT) is still tough to get over. So close to stealing it.......

While this years team is starting to play well, they still don't match up down the middle with the big boys from the West. Can't complain though, much more fun to watch an AV coached team versus a Tortorella team!

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