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Hello to all...

Been smoking through a 10 box of partagas serie d 4s. First few sticks... Brilliant... Delicious, I love partagas, and these had been everything I'd expect from them and more. The last 3 that I've smoked, however, the wrappers have been impossible to keep lit. It's been very strange and unlike anything I've experienced before.

I keep my humidor at 65% humidity, and the box had been resting in my humidor for about 8 months now... Anyone else come across this before?

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If they are very dark and thick wrappers, Yes and some age has seemed to improve somewhat and letting the cigar dry box some, if possible. But that said there are some fireproof wrappers you need to keep your torch handy, and its a pain in the ass.

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Dryboxing them would be a good idea but, as we all know, this is the kind of stuff that happens here and there with CC's. You can always correct them with a handy lighter, as said by the previous post but no need to panic.

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I get that effect on D4's and Epi 2's from time to time, as well as other robustos and corona gordas. It also shows up as the wrapper wrinkling rather than burning while the filler continues to combust. Like the others have said, it's an easy touch up (I use a humble wood match).

For me, I think it's mostly a matter of over humidification. I'm lighting up in the tropics when I travel and my sticks are facing very high humidity. I sometimes try to fight this by leaving them in my hotel room with the AC on for the day, but nothing really seems to work. Anyway, over humidification is just my working theory on this one. I could be wrong. It's worth calibrating your Hygrometer.

I used to get the problem back home as well, when I was keeping my humi at 72%+, but then I got the Aussie religion of "less is more" on rH and now with the humi in the low 60's it is much less common (and it was uncommon to begin with).

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