NFL Pick 'em competition

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Wish someone who knows how to post a poll would do so asking these questions:

Do you fret and research your weekly picks, or

do you go on gut feeling, make the picks, and don't sweat it.

Post how you are doing.

I'm currently 15th (had a bad week last week) and have been doing a little better but can't crack the top ten. I have been fretting, researching picks on line, watching the NFL Network for news, tips, etc. and watching the Sunday pregame shows. No more of this for me. From now on, I'm going gut and taking some long shot chances. I think its my only chance to move up in the rankings. I'll either boom or bust.

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tip 2. Save your picks.

Lost a whole week by not saving. At least that what I think happened.

Yeah, already learned that lesson. Last week I picked all games except...wait for it...Denver. The one sure pick I failed to mark it for some reason and lost one very valuable point.

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Step 3: Don't pick any team that rhymes with Cowboys.

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Tip doesn't matter if you look at the spread or watch the games...bottom line its the NFL! Where the worst teams and the best teams aren't that far apart talent wise. I mean the colts are the perfect example: they beat Denver, Seattle and San Fran, but lose to the chargers, the dolphins, and wait for it...get blown out by the home...Wow.

With that in mind I just pick based on feel with little to no research. Its worked okay so far. Nice steady results that have me in 12th but I need that standout perfect week to gain on the leaders. Who knows if I will but I'm happy with where I'm at for now.

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I would also like to be in attendance when he goes lol3.gif

Me too. Maybe we could rent a tour bus and just take the whole gang. We'll need to leave some room in the back for the sacks of money we'll all be taking.

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I had my 12 year old daughter pick this weeks games bc she can't do much worse than me. All she knows about football is that her mother loves Tom Brady and her father is constantly screaming "Get rid of the ball" whenever the ball is hiked to the quarterback.

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