Cohiba Triple Fermentation

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Hi all, I don't think this has been asked before but does the entire Cohiba range including the Behike, Maduro5 and the Limited Editions all receive the third round of fermentation or is this limited to the standard Linea Classic and Siglo range.

Hopefully there are some Cohibaphiles out there that know. Thanks in advance for any info.


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I'd have to confirm in one of my books at home, but I believe the common thought is that all of the seco and ligero filler leaves used in all Cohiba cigars, regardless of the individual product line, undergo that triple fermentation.

However, in these recent years, H S.A. has done away with some commonly held Cohiba beliefs. Such as the news a while back that there were BHK's being rolled without any medio tempo leaf when they had low stock of that for a run of a couple months. And also when they initially professed (and continue to do so) that all BHK cigars were solely and only rolled at El Laguito, when they were actually caught red-handed in rolling them at Partagas or other factories I believe, and then just transferring the rolled product into El Laguito and then packing them up in finished boxes there, yet still stamping the boxes with an El Laguito production box code. Etc., etc., etc.

H S.A. definitely knows how to break it's own rules and stretch the truth. Depending on who you ask, at which factory, and on whatever day, may each get you entirely different answers to your stated question.

But, I do believe that the triple-fermentation is for the whole Cohiba product line.

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