Box of Cohiba Siglo II


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Ok, so a guy is selling these on an Irish ads website.

I wouldn't buy cigars off a general site like that as who knows how they were sourced/stored/etc...I just search every so often to see if anything cool comes up like ashtrays or cigar memorabilia.

So he has 15 Monte 2s advertised (5 packs of 3) but a photo of a box of 25 on the ad, cue alarm bells starting to ring.

I ask for a pic for giggles and he replies that he has no photos but he got them "in cuba" (oh they must be genuine then).

Then he tells me he also has a box of 25 diplomaticos no 2 and 25 Siglo 2s and posts some stock internet photos (the diplomaticos are at the bottom of the humidor and he can't take it out to take some photos of the box even though he wants someone to pay 270 euros).

Anyway, I smell a rat, so here's photos he sent me of the siglo 2 box...

post-6882-0-23127300-1345578965.jpg Looks like theres something under the seal and the bottom of it is peeled off

post-6882-0-61594800-1345579016.jpg Box code isn't too bad, I've seen worse

post-6882-0-86443300-1345579027.jpg Warranty seal looks to be positioned completely assways to me (why would it be covering the cohiba logo)

Anyway else think it's a fake ?

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I wouldn't trust them, son :no:

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The placement of the seal shouldn't be a reason to consider them counterfeit on its own. This is Cuba we're talking about. I've seen seals placed a variety of ways, in both factories and LCDH's. This is an especially bad placement though. Now the poor placement combined with the other flags raised? Avoid like the plague. Even if they were legit, I wouldn't buy from someone who couldn't be bothered to take pictures of something of that value, especially when he isn't really providing a "deal."

What kind of excuse is that anyways? Sorry the cigars I am selling and will have to get out to give to you are completely inaccessible, in the bottom of my humidor. Are they under bricks? I've seen all kinds of disorganized, organized, large, small, walk in, locked, sealed etc humidors and I have never, ever seen one where a box is unable to be accessed. Is it the foundation of a house of boxes? I mean if he can't get them out maybe he won't be able to get them out for the person who pays him either?

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Actually... I've got it! The cigar box was about the same length and width as the insider of the humidor (desk top), and when he put the box in, it was a tad dry, it swelled up with proper humidification, and is now stuck in the humidor.

Now I'll be able to rest easy tonight.

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