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I have had it already with Liverpool, this isn't the legendary team I grew up with who ruled Europe. My beloved Liverpool lost 3 - nil on the weekend to the Baggies, a team of old aged pensioners, the center forward wear glasses during the match.

This sums up how I feel.

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Ah come on Smithy, at least you've got a proven manager who can steady the ship...... :D

Seriously no idea how that guy got the job, he didn't build the Swansea team that wowed everyone last season and he didn't teach them to play that way either. he inherited the whole squad and playing style that they stick to from ......Martinez who is now doing the same thing at Wigan. How the board at Liverpool didn't know that their new Messiah is just a 'steady the ship caretaker coach' who managed just about managed to keep the team playing how their old boss got them to is totally beyond me.

Plus the fact that Rogers decided that Kuyt was not good enough for even the bench of his new team (Incidently he's never built a team of his own before) and shipped him off to Turkey. Kuyt was by far one of the best players in red for the last few years. Hard working, loads of assists and got a good amount of goals.

I said it when he was announced as boss, Rogers will be gone by Christmas. Might even be before then, depends if the Reds are in a relegation battle or not by then!


You've probably heard it from a certain friend but I reckon Arsenal will do great this year, get £25m for a 29 year old ego-tastic striker who has only ever had one good season since he arrived in England and bring in a 27 year old ox of a striker who has banged them in at the highest level for £15m!

Sorry, Ken is probably giving you enough flack as it is!

At least you can laugh at Mark Hughes, what a donkey!

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