2002 Montecristo No. 2

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2002 Montecristo no. 2


A great BOTL gifted me this cigar to review.

Nice, light wrapper. Like the colour of cardboard . Very thin and delicate.

Great construction. No soft spots. Nice and firm with a little give.

Rich, milk chocolate and caramel is what I get when I smell the wrapper. Like a caramilk bar. Getting excited.

A quick snap of my Palio and we are almost off to the races.

Vanilla, mocha, and brown sugar with a touch of earthiness off the cold draw.

Beautiful draw. This is going to be good!

Time to take this to the flame....

First third


Smoke just fills the air upon lighting. LOVE IT!!! The smell is intoxicating. Blue smoke everywhere!!!

The draw is effortless. Nice, full pulls from the monte 2.

Nice, creamy waves of brown sugar, vanilla, a hint of expresso and an even fainter hit of cedar. Delicious!!!! Time to bring out the Zacapa 23!!!!

The ash is a Dirty grey. The burn is a little wonky but that might a user malfunction in the lighting of the cigar. LOL!!

Off to a fantastic start! Might have to dig out a box from slumber after this to put in the rotation...

Second third


This is a sweet ass cigar!!! Gorgeous flavour of vanilla wafer, cream, molasses, cocoa, a little hazelnut. Reminds me of vanilla wafer cookie that I used to eat as a kid with a coffee. LOL

a few leather and earthy notes come out here and there to keep my attention.

No harshness whatsoever. Pure bliss!

Afterfinish has a nice, clean, pure taste. Lingers forever....

Strength is medium so far.

Burn line gets wonky once in while and the corrects itself. Still plenty of blue smoke to go around. Very nice! The ash hangs on forever.

This is what monte 2s should smoke like!!!!

Final third


This thing got all earthy, leathery on me with some cream, vanilla and dark sugar playing backup!! A full 180!! Only lasts for a few, full puffs but keeps things interesting!

Strength is medium still. A nice surprise at the end.

The Zacapa 23 is going brilliantly with the Monte 2. A nice way to finish the night.

What a great cigar!!!! When monte 2s are on, they are brilliant!!! This one was one of the good ones as they are know to be inconsistent in construction and taste.

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Great review. Makes me want to grab one out of the humidor. My oldest is from 09, so I may just have to wait a bit.

Glad you got a good one!

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