"Min Ron Nee" Type book for Whisky?


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Hey all

I just wanted to know if there is a "Min Ron Nee" type of encyclopedia for the whiskys of the world. I am just starting out with actually tasting them and not just taking a shot glass and pounding it down.

If not, is there a certain book I should look for?

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Same here but i dont buy it every year though.

Ryan, just out of curiosity is it worth it to buy it every year.

For me it is. I'm interested in the stuff. There are hundreds of new whiskies every year and quite a few changes happening with Irish whiskey recently. Jim Murray makes a good effort at including all the new stuff

The book is only 15 euro or so.

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Ryan: I take keen interest but i'm limited to stuff that is available here. The 2011 bible is still serving me well, maybe i'll get the 2013. Additionally, i don't know whether i'm the only one going through this, I really subscribe to Jim Murray's ratings. Initially for example Balvenie Double Wood, it wasnt rated that high but i liked it but later on i revisited the Balvenie and i didn't quite like it. It was the opposite with Ardberg and Laphroaig which has high ratings, didnt like it at first but liked it later on. Am i falling into a group think trap? Or am i following his rating too much? I don't know, for whatever the reason i now find my taste bud similar to his.

Michel: Great resource but like Khomeinist mentioned none of the stuff seems available for common folks. Its all private bottling or the 20-30 year old expression.

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Zin Zan,

Let me put it this way. The MaltManiacs are more than Serge alone and quite some more than exotic whiskies only as one can find out in the MM Awards section on the MaltManiacs site. Also the Matrix on the same site (I'm MV on that list) contains loads of helpful info when it comes to more 'mundane' whiskies. It's a matter of accepting that everything (well, within limits of pricing that is) scoring higher than 83pts is worth trying whilst a 'todays' bottle of Laphroaig or Ardbeg 10yo ain't going to fetch more than 87pts - which is not bad at all.

(Yes points are a subjective reflection but also a severe condensed form of taste note. An expression of appreciation so to speak)

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