2010 LE: Monte or Partagas?

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Which 10er from the 2010 LE batch would you rather have, the Montecristo Grand Elmundo or the Partagas Serie D Especial?

I have seen a relativity little volume of reviews on these smokes. Not sure which one is "the best", which one is smoking best now, and/or which one has the most ageing potential.

Any advise or insight would be appreciated.


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Well, I haven't smoked the GE yet. Letting them sit a bit longer since just receiving the box not long ago. But, I can say this. I've had a box of Partagas sitting and had my last one around Christmas of 2011. It was insanely good! Loaded with amazing flavors. It was the first time I've ever experienced licorice in a cigar. So, with that being said, the GE is gonna have to really perform well for me to say its the 2010 LE champ.

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I have smoked quite a few Monte GE's and one Party 2010, so not the ideal sample size on the Party. However, I have quite a few boxes of the MGE and no boxes of the Party. I remember the party was very dark and felt closed. It might age really well, but the MGE is excellent now and will age beautifully. My choice would be buy a couple of singles of each and see for yourself.

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I have many boxes of both and have to go with the Party. They have really opened up over the last few months with an amazing mix of chocolate, cream and mint. For the clincher, my girlfriend really likes them too!

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