Greetings from Michigan


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I've been lurking on a few cigar forums for a while and I came across this one a few days ago and it seemed pretty cool so I figured I jump in on the action.

I'm a college student and fairly new to cigars, even newer to CCs. I plan on making my first purchase soon so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



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Howdy from the Cheddar Curtain! Where in MI are you from?

As for suggestions, what do you normally smoke otherwise?

Specific sizes? Flavors? Mild/Medium/Full... etc...

My home is in lower Michigan, near Lansing, but I go to school in the Upper Peninsula.

I usually shoot for Medium flavored cigars of the churchill or corona variety, but I'm not opposed to trying new things.

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Visiting my friends at holidays, I usually eat two and then stick one in my pocket for the ride home :D


I usually have a couple when I drive up to school in the Fall. Throughout the school year the cafeteria in my dorm will have them a few times, I make sure to load when they do.

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