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Just finished an absolutely fantastic 06 RyJ EX#3. An unheralded & overlooked cigar, but the surprise is, I'm almost finished with the box & every cigar has been superb. Not a single dud in the box. I rarely find such consistant quality in Cuban cigars- even the expensive ones. :D

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I've had a similar thing with R+J of late.

Given some Cedros no 2, all of which have been fantastic,with the classic R+J flavour.

Maybe it's due to the general upturn in Cubans of late,as the Cuaba have perked up lately,coming out of the same factory.

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This is part of what gives us all hope...and as far as the Cedros No. 2 go...the ones I've had of late have been fantastic. Then again...they are all from 08. The Cedros No. 3s have been great as well.

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