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  1. No.2, no box code or date. Been in the humi for over a year. Great smoke!
  2. Great looking walk in and nice selection! I use inkbird to regulate the humidity and the temperature. It helps keep the fluctuations to a much smaller range. I have my ac plugged into the temperature inkbird and the humidifier plugged into the humidity inkbird. It keeps the temperature range from 63-66 and the humidity between 63-66. Sometimes the top level will read 68 but when the ac kicks on it drops it to the right humidity. I also use govee hydrometers on each shelf. Anyways, I will attach a picture of them. Hope that helps 👍
  3. So sorry to hear. My condolences to his wife, family, and friends 😔
  4. BossHogg

    New Humidor

    Looking really good 👍
  5. I just calibrated all my oasis caliber IV's, my Govees, and ink bird using the salt test. I did this test multiple times over several days. All of the hydrometers were 4-5 percent below what they should have been reading. So that means my humidor that was reading 65 was really at 70 😲 Changed all my hydrometers to reflect the actual 75rh from the salt and then retested them. My cigars are smoking wonderful now 👍
  6. Sweet, going to give this a try next time! Thanks! 👍
  7. Tree pollen is definitely hindering my experience as well.

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