Partagas Serie P No. 2

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Hello folks!

Back with another review. This is my third and it's not getting any easier. I think I will have to resign myself to accepting the fact my pallet is not as developed as it needs to be. Good news is however, I get to spend time smoking cigars so it's all good.

This is the last of a bunch of single PSP2s I bought while in Cuba and I unfortunately do not have a date code.

The appearance of this cigar was a little rough, but a it had very nice dark wrapper.

I'm not going to describe this in thirds as I found the flavour was pretty consistent with only minor variations throughout.

Pre-light, I smelled some cedar and tobacco, draw was just about perfect if a little light.

As I mentioned the flavour for me was signature Partagas spice with a medium/strong profile. I got pepper and hints of dark chocholate throughout.




All in all a very enjoyable cigar that produced lots of thick smoke.

The only negative I had was that the burn was uneven (as it was on all the PSP2 singles I bought) and needed constant correction.



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Well done !

I was in Havana at the launch of the P 2 and wasn't impressed then - by now it is one of my favourites and has become a classic.

Love the cigar.

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