Montecristo Edmundo

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Today is Canada Day for us Canucks and so I thought it would be a good reason to light up a Monty Edmundo I've been saving. I bought this as a single on a recent trip to Cuba and I have been saving it for a nice day.

With the temp 21oC and partly cloudy skies I decided it's time had come.


Construction was flawless, wrapper a nice shade. It looked delicious.

Aroma was somewhat faint, with the scent of light tobacco.

Draw was good although slightly on the light side, which I did not expect based on the density of tobacco.

It started out a little rough with woody/leathery flavour. I also tasted a hint of oak.

Second third mellowed out somewhat with coffee flavour coming through turning slightly milky as it went on.

In the last third, the tobacco flavour intensified a little and the coffee taste got a little stronger reminiscent of espresso.

Overall I was somewhat underwhelmed. Its appearance raised my expectations and it the end it didn't deliver as promised. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it but I was expecting more.

I would rate this a good solid cigar but nothing extraordinary.

Enjoy the pics





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Very nice review, I especially enjoyed the pics of the ash while looking at the burn. Didn't seem wonky from the pics!

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