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Im not normally a religious man, but last night I had a quick prayer before bed;

"Dear Lord, I know that I haven't talked to you that much recently, but this past year you have taken away my favourite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favourite actress, Farah Fawcett, and my favourite musician, Michael Jackson. I just wanted to let you know that my favourite Prime Minister is Kevin Rudd..... Amen"

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! I'll be watching the news intently to see if this prayer is answered. If so I have so many new people to pray for.

But as someone who at least tries to keep apprised of foreign matters, maybe you can explain why K Rudd is the current toad of the week down under. From what I've gathered it would seem the verdict is another tax loving, veteran neglecting, climate fool with a spending problem who has a fetish for wasting tax dollars on nonsensical crap. In which case he would fit in well with our current elected officials.

Am I off base? Educate me.

My opinion only.

K Rudd is a very smart career Public Servant who became Prime Minister after an 11 year economically successful government became tired.

He has a love for hyperbole and greater regulation. The more regulation the bigger the Public Service and this man can rack up new programs (and screw them up) better than we have ever seen in our history.

He has a mantra of helping "working families" but he has never held a real job outside of the Public Service in his life. He is a cynical, flip flopper of the highest order who loves grandiose statements and the sound of his own voice.

He is anti-business, pro union, pro-china, pro europe, pro US, pro climate change, pro surplus.......all pro unless he changes his mind which is normally in the week following his "pro" statements.

He stands for everything and nothing.

He is a Politician.

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Is all this in line with FOH political post policy?

US Politics is banned.

We have had no problems in the rest of the worlds political spectrum. Should we, then we will ban that as well.

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I had posted what I thought was a funny comment beneath this photo but I decided some of you might find it offensive.

I deleted it in the belief that it might make you think less of me as a contributor here.

If only we could delete the man himself for there is not much in this country that I find as offensive as this little twerp.

She seems like a nice enough lady, what the hell does she see in him.

I sure hope God believes you about him being a favorite PM.

I'll say a little prayer tonight.

God save this country.

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