Tornados who here are affected?

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Just bad weather in West Tennessee, but bad stuff just South of us in Mississippi. Always tragic when a tornado rips through an area.

Thank you for asking.


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Growing up in Nebraska and having a Summer birthday, I have had many birthday partys squashed by tornado sirens!

I have not had to deal with tornado action personally, but if you remember the Hallam, NE tornado in 2004... which basically erased the village of Hallam off the map... that is about an 45 minute drive from where I live.

So far the crappiest thing to deal with is the Canadian air coming down and keeping it in the low 50s here!

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We had around twenty tornados develop in the state(Minnesota) last Thursday.

Lots of damage, three deaths. Three of the tornadoes where rated F4, which

are really rare, especially on the same day. These three tornados were big,

more than a mile wide at the widest point, wind speeds to 200 mph. There was

also lots of hail, some of it recorded at 4.25 inches in diameter. -P

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Here in downtown Chicago (Roscoe Village) we had tornado sirens go off 2 different times.... it's pretty rare to have them sound the alarm.

All good now (so far) along with a double rainbow for luck.

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