Montecristo no. 1


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This cigar had an oily colorado maduro wrapper that was slightly veiny. The stick was very firm/hard. Aroma at cold was ceder. The draw was just a bit tighter than I would have liked, but not bad overall for a lonsdale. Draw at cold gave some slight earth and tea flavors.

Open: The Monte 1 opened somewhere around medium full. Flavors were ceder, chocolate, nuts, and a slight cinnamon spice. There was just a touch of white pepper through the nose.

1/3: The first third showed flavors of ceder, coffee, nuts, and cream. There were some hints of chocolate around the edges, but it never really became a predominant flavor. Body is still at medium full.

2/3: The creamy aspect of the flavor profile begins to take over and the other flavors get pushed more toward the edges and are joined there by some nice vanilla notes. Body is medium

3/3: The predominant flavors here are ceder, coffee, cream, and chocolate. Some slight earthy flavors begin to come through, and I also get some Christmas spice flavors. As I near the end, the creaminess begins to take over again along with some nuts and a little bit of black pepper and ginger. The body gradually progressed from medium back up to medium full.

This was nice and complex and had what I view as all the typical Monte flavors. It was very well balanced and super smooth the whole way through. Not even a hint of any sharpness at all.

For me this was a perfect Montecristo cigar and I'll give it a 94.

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