Hello from Massachusetts


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Greetings all!...

Been into cigars about 4 years, only last 2 or so seriously buyin'/agin'/smokin'. Began delving into cc's a few years back when my go to nc's, mainly tatuaje, a. fuente, padron I thought left something to be desired. Plus I'm one of those that when they like something just have to try it all, my curse! Keep 2 stocked desktop humi's now and running out of room :bsmeter:

My tastes tend to be for the fuller bodied smokes, I pick a new stick to try often though and keep coming back to the Bolivar and Partagas line recently. Trying hard to love those Cohibas, had several of the Sig. IV, Sig. VI and CoRo but they just haven't hit the spot. Sig. IV was the best IMO. Laying a couple boxes down now to see if the wetness will even out and some of those backround flavors come in more. I keep 'em on the dry side, 61- 64%RH or so, and have just discovered.....wait for it......dry boxing? WOW, what a difference a day makes on some of those packed sticks.

Been lurking for a few months after seeing the video reviews and received a couple orders from the czar. Everything seems 1st class! <_< Caio for now

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Welcome capecc! <_<

Glad to hear you're enjoying a few CC's, Bolivar and Partagas are great, I personally love Bolivar Belicosos Finos.

Have you tried SAN CRISTOBAL LA PUNTA's? Might be right up your alley. :bsmeter:

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