A Discontinued Cigar clarification question

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Here's a question that came to mind recently....

If a cigar is slated for discontinuation in a given year, say like the Partagas SDCs are for 2010....Does that mean that 2009 is the last year of production for these cigars, or 2010 is? And is it different for each vitola, dependent on regular production numbers of that cigar?

I ask because it was made clear in no uncertain terms that there are no more SDC 2s and 3s to be had anywhere, meaning there are no 2010 productions of this cigar. Yet, there are examples of cigars discontinued in a year and having production of that cigar continue through that year (All the Coronas in 2006, for example - I see lots of Dip 3s from 2006 here in Victoria, Canada).

So which is it? I put it to the forum, as some of you fine folks might know the scoop. :huh:

Thanks all!

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I always thought that is a cigar is discontinued in say 2010 then that meant there will be no more made after that year. So that production would end sometime during that year.

Last Partagas SDC#2 I saw were 09s though.

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So I guess the add-on question is - if we still have the 2010 production year to go through, why are we hearing that this is the absolute end for some cigars - won't we still have 2010 boxes of Diplo 4s, Party SDCs, SLR Churchills, etc?

Obviously, I have no way of knowing for certain, but I see no reason why they wouldn't just stop production immediately - box and ship

what they already have, but not produce any more.

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