Macanudo Vintage 1997

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Last weekend I got my hands on a single Macanudo Vintage 1997 (Lonsdale, it seems), and it is pristine. I am told that it has been kept in excellent, 70/70 conditions its whole life, and this does indeed show - not a blemish or crack in sight.

The conundrum which this has posed regards what I'm supposed to do with it now. My options are: A) It was a crap cigar to start with, and I should smoke it before it gets worse; ;) It was an okay-ish cigar, back in the day, but sure as hell isn't going to get much better - smoke it soon; C) By some stroke of luck, it hasn't past its prime, and I should age it another __ years.

Any pointers, thoughts, ideas?

As a side note, I've been informed that this is a relatively rare cigar - is there any truth to this?

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They really aren't rare, I'm pretty sure that Macanudo makes them when they have an "exceptional" crop of tobacco. I smoked a 1988 vintage a couple years back and it was pretty bland. Also just because it says 1997, it doesn't mean that that's when they were made-it's just when the crop was supposedly grown. Macanudo is so mild to begin with that I don't see the point in keeping them around to age. Smoke it, you might like it.

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Smoke it. Macanudos are so bland that if you wait another day or two you might not taste anything at all.

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I smoked a 1988 Mcanudo Vintage Jamaica a fews months back and it was stunning. It held it's own as far as flavor is concerned with my favorite Cubans. It was in cellophane that was wonderfully stained and browned. Tasty for sure.

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Boy does the name Macanudo bring nightmares to me!! :coverears:

A very long time ago, I was gifted a Macanudo Diplomatico Maduro from a friend.

I instantly didn't think much of it as it was not Cuban (Nothing against those who don't smoke CC's) but being a maduro I though, hey, it could be ok. My friend who also smokes CC's said it was similar to a Monte 2, Can't be that bad then hey? WRONG!


Just looking at it reminds me of a sheep **** and the taste is what I imagine a sheeps **** would taste like. :thumbsdwn:

To this day 'That' name scares me. :covermouth:

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Smoked a Macanudo a while back at a cigar tasting. To be honest, I was overwhelmingly impressed! Had some great flavours in there. Though maybe it was helped along by the Santiago rum we were also tasting...

Apparently, the head blender for Macanudo is the guy who used to blend Cohibas in Cuba. He left the island and joined Macanudo.

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