Diplomaticos #4

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Planned on trying a Ramon Allones CF (my first), but the Sunday weather ended up being a bit chillier and windier then expected. I also had not eaten yet and recalling others talk of the strength of the cigar decided the prudent course may be to select something else.

Went with a 2002 Diplomaticos #4, also my first. Nice solid box pressed stick with a bit of tooth on the wrapper. Nothing spectacular about the appearance, just solid. Aroma at cold nothing significant to speak of, tobacco (obv) and a bit of wood.

Little difficulty on lighting due to wind. Initial textures of the smoke were what I would call smooth and lightly creamy with flavors of clean toasted tobacco, maybe a little breadyness, and the aforementioned wood. No real spice or pepper. Burned like a champ with a good draw only needing an occasional touch up. More of a relight really which is my fault. Nice smoke volume and about medium bodied enough that my empty stomach "felt" the cigar. Not enough to give me sweats or shakes or anything like that, but made me aware that I was hungry.

Flavors stayed constant throughout and I put her to rest with a good amount of the cigar left. Partially because I wanted to find something to eat and partially because I was getting cold on the balcony. All in all a pretty great little cigar, its a shame these are going to be gone. Glad to have the rest of the box on hand and can easily see this as a perfect mid afternoon quickly that can stand alone or go with a nice ale or scotch.

Messing with a two tiered rating system that tries to separate subjective factors from an objective rating. Likely impossibly as palate is affected by so much included mood and expectations, but at least working on taking environmental factors (wind, weather, suroundings) out of the equation.

Objective Score -

Construction/Appearance - (16/20) - Solid, expected, nothing spectacular

Burn - (32/35) - Just a few touchups, but overall solid

Flavor - (40/45) - Pleasant, never harsh or bitter, consistent, did not change that I noticed

Total - 88/100

Subjective Score - 60 degrees, when sun was out and no wind glorious. Otherwise a tad cold/windy. Sat on balcony with a buddy teaching him backgammon. Nice, pleasant day for a smoke, but not outstanding. 4 out of 6 smoke rings.

Pictures coming tonight. Thanks for the contest El Prez, see you this Thursday to get some revenge on the felt!



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